E-mail marketing and the journey to the center of the earth

We create and manage many direct marketing e-mail campaigns on behalf of many HR suppliers and HRmarketer.com (and very soon SeniorCareMarketer.com). We went into our list rental service this year with a lot of prior direct marketing experience and recommendations, and have learned a great deal more since. Marketing to over 70,000 HR pros and executive management while keeping up with the marketing Joneses out there doesn't hurt.

I'm going to share some of our latest best practices, but first consider that:

All right, chew on these Scoobie snacks. If you've got anything to add to the following, let me know.

One thing I didn't mention above is where you get your lists from, how you build your house list, and how targeted/segmented you should be getting with your campaign. The fact is, casting a wide net and seeing what you bring back is still a viable method, especially when you're giving content away. But what if you're targeting specific company size in specific industries with certain decision makers and influencers? How do you know which campaigns are more successful to those groups? How much detailed testing and tracking should you do?

We're going to become a much more targeted marketing shop next year with our own marketing and our clients. There are no truly successful one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns, not when you're journeying into the center of the earth with candles, a bag of granola and a canteen full of extra-sweet lime Kool Aid; 2009 and beyond will be a challenge.

We had the honor of having John Sumser stop by last week and talk with our group about the realities of global demographics, workforce populations and why niche marketing must be first priority for HR suppliers.

Bring your suits. Those lava tubes can really heat up.

Post by Kevin Grossman

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