Showing Some Skin at the First HR Technology Beauty Pageant

We have Bill Kutik's very popular HR Technology Shootouts and now we have a Beauty Pageant giving top vendors in HR technology another venue to strut their stuff.

I love great marketing ideas.

And that is exactly what HRchitect's recently announced "Beauty Pageants" for Top Vendors in the HR Technology Arena is - a great marketing idea.


For a lot of reasons but mainly because it is highly creative, well branded, provides real value for HR decision makers, gives HRchitect a ton of visibility and will generate a lot of ongoing buzz.

As a marketer I wish I could take credit for such a fabulous idea. But I can't. Kudos to Tiffany Appleby and Matt Lafata at HRchitect' for coming up and executing this idea.

Here are the details:

What is it?
HRchitect, an HR technology consulting firm that helps companies select the right technology for their HR and talent management needs, is hosting a series of 90-minute webinars where six vendors will compete for the votes from an estimated 200 HR professionals in attendance.

What are the HR people voting on?
Who has the best HR technology solution.

What is the schedule of Webinars?
(all times are 11am CST)

November 14: Talent Acquisition Systems
November 21: Talent Management Systems
December 12: Human Resource Information Systems
December 19: Learning Management Systems
January 9: Mid-market ATS
January 16: Onboarding
January 23: Employee Performance Management
February 6: Mid-market HRIS
February 13: Time & Attendance Systems
February 20: Workforce Planning
March 13: Compensation Management
March 20: Succession Planning

What HR Technology vendors will compete?
HRchitect publishes many reports on what they believe to be the top HR technology vendors. They reached out to the top vendors in each category above to participate in these Beauty Pageants. Some declined. Ultimately, about 6 vendors were selected per category.

Why Beauty Pageants?
That's the theme for these 90 minute webcasts where each of the 6 vendors (contestants) have 7 minutes to strut their stuff. Here is the agenda:

I bet HRchitect had a lot of fun working on this project.

Good "content". Good marketing. Good visibility. Good leads. Good fun.

I love it.

More details here.

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