JobApp Network Earns Great Media Coverage by Leading with Original Content

Anyone who reads this blog, or talks to any member of the team here at HRmarketer, will hear over and over that “Content is King”. HR professionals love tools that will help them do their jobs better, save the company money, help make the case for why they should implement “X” program, software, etc.

As an HR supplier, you know your business, you have insight that others may not have even considered, and you know cost savings companies experience when they use your product or service. The simple idea is to use that expertise, thought leadership, data and analysis to promote your company as an industry leader and as a company HR professionals should consider doing business with.

A perfect example of such content is a research report put out by JobApp Network, provider of phone and web-based hiring management solutions. This report was featured in Diversity Executive magazine and on the popular New York Times blog Freakonomics. These are two great earned media placements, one industry-specific and one general business/interest. JobApp Network also recently announced via the availability of the report via a press release (sent via

What was so interesting about this research? For the report “Automated Hiring Solutions and Diversity”, JobApp Network analyzed data from their clients hiring hourly employees and discovered that providing web-based only hiring management systems may exclude certain applicant populations. The study suggests that companies who offer both web and phone based hiring solutions experience a more diverse pool of applicants. In analyzing the data they discovered that there are many people out there who do not have regular Internet access.

This conclusion may come as a surprise to those who have email coming into their phones day and night, who read blogs, connect with friends online and basically use the web and email every day for both work and personal use. For companies hiring hourly employees this is without a doubt enlightening information and something for them to consider as they evaluate their hiring process and how they go about finding, sourcing and screening the best candidates.

So, what expertise or insight do you have to offer your clients and potential clients?

Are you using it to help educate and draw in potential new customers?

If not, you’re missing out on a powerful way to promote your business, increase traffic to your site and generate sales leads!

Post by Jocelyn Goodman Cook

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