HRmarketer Offering a Marketing Bailout Plan for HR Vendors

"I just don't have the cash flow at the moment but I need sales leads. Can you work with me?"
Yes we can.

This is a tough economy. Worse than the dot com collapse in the late 1990s. Much worse. I know because I launched a new business (Fisher Vista, LLC) in 2000 and while business was bad here in Silicon Valley, it was still going well in other parts of the Country. This business slowdown is not only coast-to-coast, it's global. But hang in there. It will get better. It always does.

In the meantime, maybe HRmarketer can help so that you don’t do something foolish like suspend your marketing. In tough economic times, the gut instinct is to slash the marketing budget but it's a huge mistake. Marketing cannot be stopped and started because there is a lag time between campaigns and sales. Suspending marketing creates serious gaps in your prospect pipeline – something you can't just kick-start when good times return.

So, we've announced a “reverse lay-away” program of sorts that will help HR suppliers continue their critical (as in lead generating) marketing activities during these challenging times. We're allowing qualified vendors to pay interest-free monthly installments over a 12-month period for many of our most effective lead-generating services, including direct e-mail list rental campaigns, web site and SEO work, white paper development and memberships. This is not the dreaded "credit" word as there is no interest. We're simply giving HR vendors flexible payment options. As an example, a supplier who invests in a direct marketing campaign can pay for the campaign over a one-year period with small monthly payments while they realize revenue from the campaign’s leads.

We've enjoyed nearly ten years of growing revenue and are fortunate to be in a healthy cash position, enabling us to assist our valued customers (the ones who have supported us over the years) in maintaining their most critical marketing activities during this tough economy.

It's the right thing to do and it makes good business sense for both parties.

If you are interested in learning more just give us a call at 831-685-9700 or send us an email at sales (at)

And as always, we thank our customers. You're the best.

Hang in there.

Mark Willaman
Founder and President
Fisher Vista, LLC
mwillaman (at)

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