HR Tech and the New Administration: Let’s Keep Hope Alive

According to Washington lawyers, Silicon Valley needs to push the tech agenda with the yet-to-be-inaugurated Obama administration. Because the first battle will be over the next stimulus package, "the valley needs to persuade the Obama administration that 'technology means stimulus' — that investing in energy and other initiatives will help restore the economy to health."

What's with the lawyers? Expect more regulation to be reconstituted in Washington; the market won't be given carte blanche anymore. I was telling one of our staff the other day that I have this juxtaposed split-screen video running in my head: on one side there's Alan Greenspan saying "I really thought the market could manage itself" and then the other side shows a roomful of kids viciously attacking a cross-bred elephant/donkey piñata full of delicious candy.

The new wave of regulation will spill over to HR as well. According to SHRM:

The new administration and democratic-led congress could advance the most active workplace policy agenda in the last 30 years. Within the first nine months of the new session, Democrats are likely to push legislative initiatives on such issues as a mandated card check process, paid sick leave, and enhanced gender non-discrimination in pay decisions. In addition, with the new administration and enlarged Democratic majorities, we anticipate increased regulatory enforcement activity on issues vital to HR. For instance, an Obama administration is likely to increase rulemaking in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in order to address perceived deficiencies in workplace safety regulations.

HR technology needs to be a part of this agenda and "the other initiatives" in order to help fix the economy. No matter how deep the recession and how high the unemployment rate gets, private and public institutions alike need to manage, regulate and improve their workforces.

Let's keep hope alive. HR tech means stimulus.

Post by Kevin Grossman

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