Podcast: Brent Arslaner of Unisfair

Brent Arslaner, VP of Marketing at Unisfair, discusses virtual events and job fair technology with HRmarketer's Jonathan Goodman at the Onrec Expo 2008.

Unisfair creates virtual enivronments that facilitate "live" or real time interaction for recruiters and candidates.

As a potential game-changing technology, the Unisfair platform serves, among other benefits, to decrease the recruiting cycle times at the early stages of the process. By gaining efficiences via virtual interactions, precious face-time can be reserved for fully qualified candidates at more advanced stage in the process.

Brent's goal at Onrec 2008 was to "let people know what's possible." 

The Unisfair technology is also used for marketing, training, corporate events, conferences and just about anything you might otherwise do with a physical event.

It's no longer hard to imagine this virtual event space really taking off. Think of email forever changing written communication and Webex and GoToMeeting changing the nature of seminar presenations and sales meetings. Unisfair and like technologies may be our next regular meeting place for the more complex and interactive gatherings.

Just imagine, no fighting for overhead compartment space for your rollerboard on that flight to some far off city where you may never make it out of the hotel. That's compelling! 

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Web site: http://www.unisfair.com/

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