Podcast: Blair Heavey, CEO of My Perfect Gig on Knowledge Based Recruiting

Continuing our series of interviews from the Onrec 2008 Expo in Chicago, we bring you a conversation with the Blair Heavey, CEO of My Perfect Gig.

I think you'll enjoy this discussion. 

Blair delivered a presentation to conference attendees titled, The Knowledge-based Recruiting Movement: Transforming the way passive candidates and innovative companies define each other, search for each other and connect with each other.

I asked Blair to expand on the idea of knowledge-based recruiting and to tell the story of how My Perfect Gig came together.

He explains how, among other things, My Perfect Gig brings hiring managers, corporate recruiters, and passive candidates together in new ways with meaningful data.

The audio runs just over 22 minutes. Please pardon the periodic background noise. The conference took place minutes from Chicago's O'Hare airport and we were clearly sitting under a busy flight path.

Check out the resource links below to learn more about My Perfect Gig.(10/10) Update: I had uploaded the source recording by mistake. The recording with the snazzy intro music plays now with much less background noise. 

Resource links:
My Perfect Gig website
My Perfect Gig's Knowledge-Based Approach to Recruiting Services Unearths Engineering Market Intelligence
ERE Vendor Watch: My Perfect Gig
HR Supplier Profile: My Perfect Gig

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