On to ERE Expo Fall 2008

The ERE Daily has been a welcome entry into my Inbox for years. I can still recall a time when the term "thought-leader" was not a part of my vocabulary. When I had to ask, "Ok, what's a thought-leader?" a colleague pointed me to The Electronic Recruiting Exchange, now known as ERE Media. Thought-leaders, and more to the point, thought-leadership content in the form of contributed articles arrive daily by the likes uber-gurus Dr. John Sullivan, Kevin Wheeler, and Lou Adler.

Years later, I'm finally finding an occasion to attend my first ERE Expo. This is biannual event that alternates between the east and west coasts where the recruiting professionals and leaders across the country and the world come to network, learn, and meet the "thought-leaders" face-to-face.

I'll be attending to listen and learn from the recruiting professionals, to explore the supplier exposition and meet many of you in the expo hall, and to report back to you on this blog with posts and maybe a podcast interview or two.

For those on twitter, you can catch updates at http://twitter.com/ereexpo or by searching #ereexpo. My twitter feed is http://twitter.com/JonathanGoodman.

David Manaster and his team have also organized a live streaming video of feed of sessions from the event. So if you were not able to attend, you can still catch a bit of the ERE experience live.

Finally, ERE has a great group of journalists, so I'd also watch John Zappe's contributions and posts (I highly recommend his RSS feed) and articles from Todd Raphael across the various ERE Media print and electronic properties.

Watch this space for (thought-leading) updates in the coming days!

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