Podcast: Steven Rothberg of CollegeRecruiter.com

I sat down with Steven Rothberg, founder and president of CollegeRecruiter.com at start the recent IAEWS (International Association of Employment Web Sites) Member Fall Congress in Chicago where Steven was both a participant and the official Congress blogger.

Did you know Steven's business, Adguide Publications, Inc. started in 1991 as a publisher of maps, including college campuses, and made money by selling advertising?

CollegeRecruiter.com, which came along in 1996, now makes money primarily by selling targeted email and text message campaigns to employers looking to reach the student and college graduate populations.

In our discussion, Steven speaks on surviving two recessions and offers perspective on this current economic downturn; he offers insight about why and how he's thrust himself and his business into the world of social media and social networking; he offers a great perspective and some words of advice both for companies searching for millennial talent and for recent grads searching for the right job to kick-off their career.

Steven's a great interview. I know you'll enjoy listening to this discussion.

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