Onrec Expo 2008: Post show links

Peter Clayton of Total Picture Radio interviewed many notable attendees at the Onrec Expo and the IAEWS Congress co-hosted at the Donald E. Stephens Center. The first two interviews to be posted are great conversations with Gautam Godhwani of Simply Hired about "Online Recruiting Trends and Best Practices" and Don Ramer of Arbita about "Game Changing Recruiting Shifts".

Jason Davis of RecruitingBlogs.com captured several live-stream video interviews which are now archived online: http://www.recruitingblogs.com/video/video/search?q=onrec
including Joel Cheesman - Cheezhead, Susan Vitale - iCIMS, John Sumser - Recruiting Roadshow, Bob Etheridge - OS2i, Margaret Graziano - keenhire.com, Ethan Bloomfield - JobTarget, Vanessa Dennis - Cheezhead, and more to come...

Cheezhead has posted video of a very interesting panel discussion called "Future of General Job Boards."

And, another from Cheezhead of Jobfox's Rob McGovern.

Are you an HRmarketer member and did you attend Onrec? Post a review of the conference and expo for the benefit of the HR Community on the message board here.

Finally, HRmarketer also interviewed a number of participants at the show. We'll be posting those audio Podcast interviews in the coming days on this blog.

It was a great show. Congratulations to all of those involved!

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