Targeted and Timely White Papers. This Company Gets a Star.

We've written extensively (our blog readership may say "overkill") about the important role that content (e.g., white papers) should play in your SEO and lead generating marketing campaigns. It's a major theme of our new eBook titled How to Reach and Engage Human Resource Buyers and Convert Them to Leads (link to PDF download - no registration required).

And we recently provided a checklist on how to get the most out of your white papers and other content.

So it is wonderful to see companies that "get it". Many of these companies have uploaded their white papers to our new Human Resources White Papers database that gives them added exposure to HR decision makers (and improved SEO with links back to their web site).

But in today's blog post, we want to highlight one company in particular for their recent white paper titled "Talent Management in Financial Services: Best Practices For A Sluggish Economy".

The company, TalentQuest, did a near perfect execution of their white paper. This included:
  1. Writing a quality white paper on a very relevant topic that is on the minds of many HR decision makers (talent management).
  2. Narrowing the topic of the white paper to a particular industry that they happen to focus on (financial services).
  3. Focusing the white paper to a topic that has increased relevance to this industry (sluggish economy).
  4. Not making the white paper too promotional.
  5. Having a well designed landing page where people can download the white paper for free - also making the latest download highly visible throughout their web site.
  6. Promoting the white paper via search-optimized press releases.
  7. Promoting the white paper via direct email marketing to drive traffic to the landing page and collect sales leads (see image on this page).
Well done. And we suspect the visibility, traffic and leads will be significant. And then you re-load.............

BTW - we say "near perfect" because some other things that can be done include promoting a white paper via your blog, hosting a webcast on a similar topic, recording a podcast about the topic and white paper, place a condensed version of the white paper as a byline article, etc, etc.

Always room for improvement.