MarketingSherpa Reports on Webinar Turnoffs

According to today's MarketingSherpa article, "Attendees Share Webinar Turnoffs - Find Out Which Ones Top the List," Webinar's are "marketing mainstays."

We agree. Our most recent "Trends in HR Marketing: HR Buyers' Behavior 2008" report validates this assertion. Of our survey respondents, 86% reported to have attended a Webinar in 2007.

As a regular Webinar attendee and frequent-enough Webinar producer, I've seen and been a part of Webinars that displayed all of the mistakes listed in the chart above.

Several years ago, I helped produce an event with a popular recruiting thought-leader that we scheduled for one hour. Emails were sent, press releases distributed, and over 250 attendees dialed-in and logged-on for the event. Everything was going great until the speaker blazed through Q & A time, plowed right through the hour, and finally took a breath right at the 90-minute mark.

Most of the attendees did not seem to mind. It was a successful event nonetheless.

In preparation and planning phases, we were forced to work with the surrogates of this particular speaker and somehow the expected length of the presentation got lost in the mix. Neither did we do a dry-run of the Webinar. Both omissions are invitations for trouble the day of the event. Oh yeah, the 47-slide PowerPoint deck I received the hour prior should have tipped me off that we were in trouble!

These were just a few of many lessons learned in the production and practice of marketing Webinars.

This Sherpa article offers a few more and is a quick read, compiling data from actual attendees of Webinars (open access until July 21 for non-members of MarketingSherpa).


P.S. If you've any stories of Webinars that have gone off the rails, we'd love to hear them.

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

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