Know Your Load – Predicting Wellness with Allostatix

There are many health risk assessments on the market and established wellness programs, but a new company, Allostatix, has created the Allostatix Load Test ™ that actually predicts future health with an accuracy rate greater than 80%, without relying on self-reported data or previous medical events.

A bold statement, but they do use a scientifically proven process based on 25 years of medical research to chart current health and predict health and wellness in the near future.

What's the deal with allostatic load? As a response to the constant barrage of daily stresses, the body shifts into the state of allostasis. Allostasis, the scientific principle of allostatic load, is the body's attempt to find stability in the midst of change. Allostatix developed a test – the Allostatix Load Test – that measures the cumulative negative effect of stresses on the body over time.

Allostatix analyzes blood and biometric measurements to gather essential data on multiple body systems and how they interact – what's called "whole body health."” The Allostatix view of whole body health does not focus on just one system or risk factor, as most health risk assessments do, because studies have shown that a whole-body perspective is a much more accurate predictor of current and future wellness, which is the key.

The Allostatix Load Test delivers a score that, measured on a yearly basis, measures change in individual and population whole body health. By tracking the company's Allostatix Load over time, employers can see a direct correlation of employee health to their investment in specific wellness programs. As wellness programs have been notoriously difficult to measure in terms of ROI, this is welcome news for organizations.

To learn more, check out Allostatix's profile in our HRmarketer Community and download their new white paper, watch their Webcast and listen to their podcast.

Post by Kevin Grossman

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