Are you LinkedIn or put out?

Maybe I'm naïve when it comes to social networking (or just not a wanted commodity - sigh), but I'm not sure what all the hubbub is about in Bill Kutik's piece titled My Grudge Against LinkedIn.

Before I even came to use LinkedIn (I've never used Plaxo), it had already been branded in my experience as a "job-searching and networking" service for busy executives. I had heard that recruiters and HR folk used it to network and recruit candidates. I had no idea there was a question and answer section and groups to join where one could share business knowledge until one of my colleagues pointed it out.

But it's no shock to me as a recent active member that LinkedIn allows targeted advertising and has premium accounts or even an Enterprise Corporate Solution (it's gotta have a business model to survive). I believe it's a non-issue to many active members as long as we're not incessantly spammed by non-relevant content or contacts. Maybe I'm wrong but I haven't heard that outrage as of yet.

Face-to-face networking may be old school but it's still important – when you have the opportunity to do so. We've been doing virtual business at for over six years and only when we attend conferences do we get to meet up with our clients and peers.

And it's never held us back. Not once.

The very act of social networking, online or in person, is to put oneself out there to be found and known and share knowledge, not only among your immediate peers but also their networks, and their networks networks, and beyond the 4th dimension.

Well, maybe not that far. As Bill notes at the end of his piece, "We'll see how the members react."

The good news is our members are reacting favorably to our new Community. Join us!

Post by Kevin Grossman

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