Why SHRM Rocks: A Review the SHRM 2008 Expo

10 reasons I love the SHRM Expo:
  1. Famous historians: Doris Kearns Goodwin and David McCullough (in 2006) speak to the general sessions.
  2. Faces-to-names/clients/customers/partners: the HRmarketer business is (mostly)virtual. We do business with persons with whom we build trust and respect via voice and written communication. We collect money and we deliver products, services, and results. All the while having to indefinitely postpone the otherwise customary handshake. Voice communication is great. It can't replace meeting the person behind the voice.
  3. Lionel Ritchie: I did not even get to see him, but it was cool just to know he was in town.
  4. A shared experience: we have one powerful common experience to discuss -SHRM!
  5. "Everyone" comes to SHRM: well not everyone, but you can't beat it for the sheer number of HR professionals, vendors, media, and industry people.
  6. Tzotchkes: ok, not really...
  7. Great host cities: last year, Las Vegas; this year, Chicago; next year, New Orleans. I can't fault SHRM for their host city picks on iota.
  8. New contacts: some companies go to SHRM with specific lead goals. We're walking the show floor to start conversations, swap business cards, and establish an expectation to follow-up after the show when appropriate.
  9. Being seen: Others are content just to be seen. SHRM gets business from vendors afraid simply of not being in the thick of it.
  10. Serendipity: I met the owner of a company in LA who is friends with the writer of my wife's favorite TV show. Hello swag bag (fingers crossed anyway)!

More to come... looking forward to New Orleans in 2009.

Posted by Jonathan Goodman