Revisiting Blogger Relations

This is a follow-up to our recent blog postings (1) Blogger Relations - Don't Get Blacklisted! and (2) Write 1000 times on the chalkboard: I will not spam the bloggers and journalists.

In the past several weeks I have received several email solicitations/pitches from PR firms wanting me to blog about their client. The most recent (see image on this blog posting) was from a PR firm and said this:
Dear Mark: In today’s constantly disappointing economy, consumers feel inclined to find discount coupons to save money on food, clothing and travel. Coupon-user demographics range from wealthier families to single people working two full-time jobs. It seems as though the concept of “retail pricing” is a thing of the past. This could make an interesting story-how to find valuable coupons, which coupons are most popular, and how the economy has affected the popularity of coupons in general. If you’d like I can supply more information or arrange an interview with the CEO of COMPANY NAME. Thanks! Sarah (last name deleted).
Obviously, Sarah did not read our blog postings on blogger relations. A couple of things are wrong with Sarah's pitch:
  1. This pitch has NOTHING to do with the editorial focus of our blog. In fact, it has nothing to do with HR.
  2. Sarah makes no reference to our blog and why our blog may be interested in this topic.
  3. The pitch is not personalized, it is obvious she has never read our blog and that she sent the same email to many blogs.
Now, on the surface, there is no damage done. I just deleted the email and I'm not going to embarrass Sarah by publishing her contact info or name the client. However, some influential bloggers in her target audience (we are not one of them, fortunately for Sarah) won't be so kind and would be turned off by such an email - and possibly blacklist her email from future pitches.

As blogger relations become increasingly important, it is critical that PR folks understand how to engage bloggers. As such, I will republish our suggested blogger relations tips:

Posted by Mark Willaman