New eBook: How to Reach and Engage Human Resources Buyers and Convert Them to Leads

We just released a new eBook titled How to Reach and Engage Human Resources. The eBook guides suppliers of human resources (HR) products and services through a three-step process to achieve increased publicity, web site traffic, improved SEO and greater sales leads.

The eBook walks HR suppliers through a proven framework pioneered by our HRmarketer Services Group. The framework is a three-step process focusing on infrastructure, content and promotion - paying heed to both traditional and Web 2.0 marketing and public relations principles.

This is good stuff and I recommend you download it. I've personally witnessed the success of this process with hundreds of human resource suppliers who subscribe to In fact, when the proper steps are correctly followed, I have not seen a single instance when it has not worked.

The complimentary eBook is available at and requires no registration or forms to be completed for download.

Chapters include:

The non-promotional eBook also includes an abundance of practical examples, useful tips and other information that can be put to immediate use to begin increasing a company's visibility, web site traffic, sales leads and improve its web site search engine rankings.


Posted by Mark Willaman