, Gracious Hosts at SHRM

We saw many engaging exhibits on the SHRM Expo floor. This year we may have seen less extravagance in favor of more pragmatic presentations which seems to suit our times and the mood of the attendees. Word is, many attendees came with business in mind and hit the show floor with an agenda and a focused list of vendors to visit.

Of all the trade show experiences from my view, certainly stood out.

The people of did a great job of engaging exhibit hall visitors.They played the role of gracious hosts for all of those who passed through their Epcot Center-esque village of booths (representing the metropolitan areas served by Jobing.) I must have been greeted by a dozen people or more. They started conversations. They sort of make you want to hang out. If they were any nicer, I'd have been creeped out, but they stopped short of that.

They served "Jobing Juice" and warm cookies while Stephen M.R. Covey and Stedman Graham delivered inspiring presentations to the crowd.

Picnic tables served as welcome relief for those with a box lunches but no place to sit (like Jocelyn and I).

Off the show floor, Jobing continued their role of gracious hosts with an invitation only party at Navy Pier. Full disclosure: we received an invitation, thank you very much Jobing.

The net effect was a great experience with a company, well before I have ever done business with them. And that is great marketing: Providing memorable, fun, relevant, and educational experiences to those people who are not yet your customers. Next time I have a job to post, you can bet I will look hard at

Great job folks!

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

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