Employees Rate Their Companies Online; The Magic of Oz Is Lost Forever

I choked on my soy milk soaked cereal this morning when I read about Glassdoor.com. I'm sure HR can feel the bile building and the litigation bubbling.

If it wasn't enough to have venting sites like F'dcompany.com (which is temporarily f'd according to their site), now we have a site that allows employees to rate and review their companies and executive management (good or bad), list salaries, etc., all anonymously. Voyeurism as only social networking rubber neckers can do. Certainly there are benefits too for job seekers and sales prospects alike (our new site allows members to post reviews about events, media outlets and analysts).

The good news is that there are only a few ratings and comments about HR suppliers, and many of those are positive. But I can't wait to watch the flying monkeys hit the fan! I know you can't either.

Post by Kevin Grossman

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