Banging your head against the “We’ve always done it this way” wall

HR suppliers hear many types of sales objections. But one I've heard more from our clients and prospects of late that makes them bang their head against the wall is:

"We've always done it this way and it works for us."

Or the ever popular cynical alternative:

"We've always done it this way, and although it's not the best solution for us, it's too much of a headache to change right now and it still works for us."


Tradition and brand loyalty (for whatever reasons) are tough to break in HR buyers. It takes persistence and a lot more than a cold call and a few marketing brochures and e-mails to break the ice.

What it takes is:

Don't bang your head; lather, rinse and repeat. That is what our latest marketing eBook is all about. And it works.

Don't nickel and dime your prospects with slight of hand marketing or self-serving sales pitches. Give them something they can apply to their companies today to improve their bottom lines. Position your firm as a thought leader and a partner to them, no matter how long the sales cycle.

It'll take time to break this type of prospect, but at least you can stop banging your head against the wall and start executing value-based marketing and PR campaigns.

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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