New Report: Trends and Best Practices for Marketing to the Senior Care Industry

I announced the availability (on our Senior Care Marketer blog) of a new research report that covers the latest trends and best practices for marketing to the senior care industry (download it here). I am also writing about it here on HRmarketer because this report has relevance to many HR suppliers who target the senior care channel - e.g., employee benefit suppliers and brokers, wellness firms, work-life and EAPs, etc.

What is the Senior Care marketplace and why should you care? Hint - it's not just about selling to Boomers.

The senior care industry is about to enter a cycle of unprecedented growth (many experts say it has already begun) as the baby boom generation cares for their aging parents and require care themselves as they transition into their own senior years. While many companies focus on the marketing of products and services to the aging "boomer" generation, a larger market will develop with regard to the caregiving needs of older Americans - the parents of the Boomers and eventually, the Boomers themselves. As America ages, the demand for products and services that relate to the "care" of these individuals will grow significantly, from home care services and medical products to housing options and financial / insurance related products. It will also impact providers of talent management software and services, T&D companies, and a host of other HR supplier categories.

With respect to the employee benefits apace, I here a lot of talk about how important the senior care market will be yet many suppliers aren't doing anything about it. Some forward-thinking EAP and work-life companies, like LifeCare with their Successful Aging product line, 'get it' and have already carved-out and branded versions of their services specifically for the senior care marketplace - smart move. But I cannot understand why more companies aren't doing this. For most employee benefit and EAP/Work-Life suppliers this is not so much about New Product Development (they already have products/services for the aging population) - it's about repackaging, marketing and branding these solutions for the senior care marketplace.

Our new report, “Trends in Senior Care Marketing: Where Suppliers Spent Marketing and PR Dollars in 2007, and What's Ahead in 2008” represents a broad spectrum of senior care companies. Key topics in the report include:

- What marketing and PR activities were most important to senior care suppliers the past year, and their budgeting plans for the next 12 months;
- How senior care suppliers measure the success of their marketing and PR;
- Who and what suppliers rely on to stay knowledgeable about the marketplace;
- How optimistic suppliers are about the overall health of the senior care marketplace.

To download a free copy of the report, visit:

It's a real challenge to reach the buyers of senior care products and services, considering the vast array of purchasing influencers: family caregivers, social service agencies, hospitals, doctors, geriatric care managers, pharmacists, physical therapists, home health care, residential facilities and more. Moreover, our research shows senior care vendors generally lag behind other industries in terms of Internet marketing knowledge.

This is one reason we developed, a sister product to does the same for the senior care space as HRmarketer does for the human resources marketplace. We will introduce this Fall. More more information, check out

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