Positive Spin Leads to More Wins

When I read the story about SuccessFactors and Softscape and the 43-page PowerPoint presentation on a supposed SuccessFactors template that made allegations about the company's "lack of corporate integrity," failed implementations, "overpromises" and customer losses, I thought:

“Wow, this is where Karl Rove went, eh?” (Or, maybe where he needed to go!)

This PowerPoint presentation – created by an alleged ex-SuccessFactors employee, even though Softscape admitted to creating the document – was sent anonymously to 25 SuccessFactors clients and prospects.

Whether this was an angry ex-employee, ex-customer, or marketing spin stunt from a Softscape sales rep, I totally agree with Jason Corsello when he’s quote in the article that anyone sent the presentation should "ignore it and throw it away because it's garbage...it's not something, the vendors should, or need to, be doing."

This garbage goes on and none of us who have spent any time in the marketing trenches are naïve enough to think otherwise. Many have “war rooms” dedicated to keeping up with their competitors; I remember years ago working with the HP Inkjet product marketing folks and there were some pretty interesting things said in their Epson war room.

But those never literally left the room, at least not in the form of a 43-page PowerPoint presentation.

Companies should keep tabs on their competitors – reading their white papers, watching their demos and Webinars, etc. – that’s smart business. But companies should strive to differentiate themselves on the strengths of their products and services as experienced firsthand by their customers.

Unfortunately the viral buzz created by negative press (including these kinds of defensive lawsuits) can sting a lot harder and last a lot longer than the buzz created by a powerful case study or Webcast, hurting the business of growth for all involved.

But, we believe positive spin leads to more wins, and we developed just the right methodology for increasing visibility with decision makers and generating increased website traffic, higher organic search rankings and, ultimately, more sales leads.

We call it the Marketing PR Lead-Gen Process(sm), a three-step process that produces measurable results focusing on:
We’ve got a Marketing Webinar all about it coming up on Thursday, April 10, at 11:00 a.m. PST

Join us, or I’ll distribute a 4-hour multimedia diatribe about your firm developed by Ted Kaczynski from prison.

Just kidding.

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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