Recruiters - and HR Vendors - Continue to Embrace Web 2.0

A great article in HR Executive written by Tom Starner titled Creative Recruiting on the Rise talks about how "organizations plan to spend less on print and major job boards, and more on Web 2.0 elements, such as social and business networking sites, referral programs, blogs, video and virtual worlds."

The findings are based on a study by Classified Intelligence. According to the study, participants surveyed -- from companies ranging from $5 million to $5 billion in annual revenues - said they would spend more on business-networking sites, social networking and employee-referral programs in 2008 than in 2007, but less on print and traditional job boards.

We are glad to see that companies are embracing Web 2.0 marketing tactics to find new talent.

It works.

Web 2.0 tactics not only work with recruiting new talent but also work with marketing to HR suppliers. Our recent research report Trends in HR Marketing: HR Buyers’ Behavior 2007 revealed similar findings with HR buyers including:
  1. HR buyers increasingly rely on the Internet as a trusted source of information when making purchasing decisions;
  2. HR buyers don't value traditional print media as a primary source of information compared to other online sources and even less so than in previous years;
  3. HR buyers are participating in the growing popularity of blogs, podcasts and webcasts as sources of information;
  4. HR buyers place increasing importance on a vendor's online visibility, including the vendor's own web site and their search-engine rankings.
However, many recruiters as well as HR vendors are still slow in their adoption to Web 2.0 but the tide does seem to be changing.