Press Release Distribution Tips

Tomorrow will be yet another post-holiday press release distribution rush, but before you hit “send” to those human resource media outlets, here are a few tips I came across in B2B Magazine on sending press releases through e-mail, written by Tricia Robinson-Pridemore (HRmarketer concurs!).

Here are the tip summaries:
  1. Don't send the entire text of the release when appropriate – send a teaser and a link to the full version posted on your website.  If the journalist is interested, he or she will click through to your website to read on.
  2. Do not send attachments – and no further explanation necessary for this one.
  3. Put more consideration into the "from" and "subject" fields, as they do more to determine whether it gets opened or trashed than any other factors.
While the strategy of not sending the entire release may not be appropriate every time, consider creating an additional version that could engage the recipient more quickly than just straight text (search-optimized press release for example, so you can be found online in Internet searches).  Use bullet points, or start off with a quote, and sprinkle a few links to relevant info on your website to help them find related info.  It's all about making your news and information easier to find and access.  And don’t forget about the social media release either.

Happy sending!

Posted by Andy Benkert

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