GE Annual Letter to Shareholders - Featuring Human Resources

In their latest annual report, General Electric's CEO Jeff Immelt, as usual, writes an excellent letter to shareholders . After Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway, I think Mr. Immelt's annual letters to shareholders are the best. Check them out.

In this years annual letter to shareholders, Mr. Immelt calls out human resources with the statement:
".....The secret to all of these dimensions of developing leaders is to have a great team of human resource professionals. Enduring companies must have a passion for people. GE has a great HR team that protects our valuable human assets. I want to give them special recognition this year....".
Impressive. Most companies don't even mention HR in their annual reports, let alone discuss them in the shareholder letter. It's great to see how a major global company like GE recognizes the importance of HR - and it's no surprise why GE is such a great company.

Posted by Mark Willaman