Business is Booming in China

My wife and I returned last week from trip to China and it was a pretty amazing trip. We toured Bejing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai, and everywhere we went there was business development.

Billions are being poured into China's infrastructure - power plants, roads, buildings - construction is going everywhere we went. The hi-tech electronic and component industries are booming. China’s voracious appetite for resources has been a boon for the mining and oil industries (and a nightmare for environmentalists and U.S. consumers). The Chinese middle-class is growing and spending and consuming (and there's still a one child per family law). The 2008 Olympics are coming to Bejing and in 2010 the World Expo will be in Shanghai.

And regardless of where you fall on the world political spectrum, the bottom line is that China continues its impact on the global economy as we noted almost a year ago.

And the latest news today - “Defying the gloom that's descended on the global financial industry, several big Chinese banks said Monday they plan moves into overseas banking markets and will diversify into new business sectors at home.”

And with all this growth comes the need for people and the understanding of talent management in China. As HR suppliers you may be interested in expanding into the Chinese market – but where do you start? There are more and more firms that specialize in doing business in China, but none that understand human resources and relationship building like Xmei International.

Xmei’s latest HR networking tour to Bejing and Shanghai May 11-17 “offers a unique opportunity for HR professionals to learn and speak directly with high ranking government officials, university educators and HR executives from multinational and local enterprises on a range of HR topics that are critical for an organization’s success in China.”

The tagline we saw on an Adidas billboard in Shanghai summed it all up for us at the end of our trip:

"Impossible Is Nothing."

Duo xei!

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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