Social Flypaper and Saving Time (and Money) Collaborating Online

Last week I read an article about how Cisco is “turning itself into a showcase for Web 2.0 technologies such as social networking, blogging and online collaboration” in order to boost productivity and profit while managing its rapid expansion.

Very cool, but it isn’t really new. The online collaboration movement to save costs and drive productivity really got moving when the Internet economy hit the skids in 2001 (Ironic isn’t it?). Remember, failed business plans, not the Internet.

However, these online tools become even more critical in a shaky economy where the layoff forecast is the worst in the past five years. Not good.

Thank goodness though for LinkedIn and NotchUp and a better ad campaign from pitching “ordinary job-search sites let everybody play, so nobody wins” rather than from this year. Did any of you see the bizarre “follow your heart” ads during the Super Bowl? I guess they did make an impact if I’m writing about them now. (And I couldn’t resist the segue.)

Anyway, in a previous posting from last September, Web 2.0 and Social Networking - A Part of Everyone's Business, Mark wrote “as social networking becomes more mainstream, these technologies are being adopted by many established recruiting and staffing suppliers. In other words, at some point the features associated with social networking will become a ‘commodity function’ on the Internet and get tacked on to existing sites. It's happening now.”

It is. High-profile career sites are working to implement social networking tools, blogs and video testimonials to attract applicants. In fact, we’re working on a February 19 Webcast with Forrester Research, AutoZone and nowHIRE about best practices in selecting an applicant tracking system. Zach Thomas, a senior analyst with Forrester, will discuss this in detail during the Webcast and provide examples of where company career sites and their integrated applicant tracking systems are going (and should be) to attract more high-quality applicants (like social flypaper – yep, I just made that up).

Cisco isn’t the only company investing in these online collaborative tools; we’re doing it too. And it’s just a matter of time when we’ll all be making more time to us these technologies to recruit and save more time collaborating online.

I think.

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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