New eBook: Marketing to HR with Traditional and Web 2.0 Integrated Strategies

If you target human resource decision makers, then our latest eBook titled Marketing to HR: Integrating Traditional and Web 2.0 Strategies is for you. (Actually, no matter what industry you’re in, this eBook is for you.)

It's now available online and free to download!

The HRmarketer Services Group has concluded that, although the basic principles of marketing and public relations have changed little over the years, what has changed significantly is:
  1. the competition - the number of HR suppliers targeting HR departments and executive management
  2. the purchasing behavior of HR decision makers
  3. the marketing and PR tools and tactics available to HR suppliers
If you could identify one word that summarizes these three changes perfectly it would be the Internet.”

Suppliers of HR-related products and services who will succeed in today's HR marketplace are those who are readily available to help buyers in their quest for information online, develop a good reputation among trusted advisors including industry peers, and engage in the activities that help develop direct relationships with prospects.

Our new eBook will walk HR suppliers through the proven framework the HRmarketer Services Group pioneered and follows what we call the Marketing PR Lead-Gen Process (SM) for increasing visibility (standing out in a crowded HR marketplace) with HR decision makers and generating increased website traffic, higher organic search rankings and, ultimately, more sales leads.

Download it today!

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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