Do it, use it to prove it

I'm anxiously awaiting my copy of the book "Join the Conversation" by Joseph Jaffe. "Jaffe Juice" (formerly known as "Across the Sound") is one of the very first podcasts to which I subscribed - I've been listening to Joe ever since, easily over 50 hours of audio content over the past year and half. Joe Jaffe has an impressive background in marketing & advertising, but what's even more impressive is the world he's trying to create, with his firm crayon and via his role as the Chief Interrupter.

Perhaps the subtitle to the book will help explain his position - "How to Engage Marketing-Weary Consumers with the Power of Community, Dialogue, and Partnership"

The phrase is idealistic, inspiring, and a bit long-winded. That's pretty representative of Joe as well.

I latched onto one idea of Joe's which he's turned into a bit of movement, which is to "use new media to prove new media" or UNM2PNM. For example, the way to demonstrate the power of podcasting is to podcast yourself. The way to make the case for conversational marketing is to engage in it, to create an environment and a context where it can happen - through "community, dialogue, and partnership." Simple, right?

So, if you're Joseph Jaffe, how do you promote a book on conversational marketing? Joe's answer:

With my first book, Life after the 30-second spot, I launched an initiative called, Use New Marketing to Prove New Marketing or UNM2PNM for short. The rationale was simple: demonstrate the book’s approaches to help drive awareness and consideration for the book i.e. the book becomes its own case study.

The success of this experiment has led me to “play it again, Sam.”

So here’s the deal: if you have a business or marketing-related blog, audio or video podcast and agree to review my book on/in it, I’ll send you a free copy.

That’s it. No strings attached. You write or say what you feel, as long as you fulfill your promise to review the book – in the form of a podcast (audio or video) or blog post.

Full Disclosure: My free copy is en route. My review will appear on this blog on some future date.

Finally, I am passionate about this idea of UNM2PNM as it's one we practice and hold dear at our own firm. Our philosophy is captured in this excerpt that appears in our proposals and introductions to prospective clients:

We never recommend any marketing or PR tactic for a client that we have not already used, with success, for our own company. We write and distribute search-optimized press releases, develop white papers, conduct market research, send out monthly direct marketing campaigns, blog, create podcasts, place bylined articles, advertise, exhibit at trade shows, and conduct media relations campaigns. The result? We maintain first page search engine rankings, have very high publicity and Web site traffic and we are the largest marketing and PR firm in the HR industry.

Use it, do it to prove it. UNM2MPN.

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

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