The Great Wazoos

I love good beer, but I don’t care much for mainstream beers, the ones we see advertised incessantly on TV. My wife and I were watching the top Super Bowl Ads of all time last night (remember, we watch too much TV), and I didn’t realize how many Budweiser ads run on Super Bowl Sunday. Millions of dollars spent on branding marginal beer that translates into billions in sales. (In fact 6 out of the 26 – nearly 25% – that were listed for 2007 at were Bud. Good for them. I still ain’t buying it.)

However, there’s nothing better than the classic dot-com heyday E*TRADE ad: Wheeling the guy on the gurney into the emergency room - “Does he have insurance? Insurance?!? He’s got money coming out the wazoo!”

Yep, the great wazoos continue to spew millions for ad spots during the Super Bowl. It is often one of the most-watched TV programs during the year and consumer products like beer, soda and food have to spend that kind of money to compete. Consumer electronics and financial services have also spent a lot too on game day.

It’s a big day for the HR marketplace place too. CareerBuilder made it work with the monkey ads and the “work is a jungle” series the past few years, and Monster and HotJobs have run ads in the past (although not recently).

Entertaining and memorable? Absolutely. Money well spent? You tell me.

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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