Neat Little Piles of Mess

There are only a few times a year I go through the neat little piles of mess on my desks at work and at home, and the holiday season seems to be the apex. You know, out with the old and in with the new – neat little piles of mess. (In fact, I was just staring at my work desk last week and thought, “My gosh, I must clean now." Which I did not do, yet.)

I’m not a hoarder by any means (those folks frighten me), but like most of you I have the best intentions to read the major HR trades and other important marketing and PR and business-related correspondence. And this includes all the blogs I subscribe too, enewsletters that clutter my email inbox, etc.

No matter how neat I make these piles (print and online), they’re not really conducive to productivity unless I keep them clean and organized. We have to stay as organized as possible or we drown in the incessant information tsunami that hits us every hour.

This posting was inspired today by the good folks at the Bootstrapper Blog who posted How to: Turn Your Desk Into a Productivity Zone.

Highlights include:
Happy Organizing and Happy Holidays!

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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