I Still Don’t Get It

We’re really excited that our 2007/2008 HR Supplier Marketing Research Report will be out soon. If you haven’t already pre-registered for it, please do so!

And as I read through the report again, I’m amazed at some of the findings. In particular there is one I still don’t get. What’s the deal with the number of monthly press releases suppliers distribute, and how few of the suppliers search-optimize these releases?

Over half (51%) of the suppliers that participated in our survey do not send any press releases via a wire service and 64% don’t search-optimize their releases or don’t know what a search-optimized release is.

Wow. C’mon, folks. That’s what HRmarketer is here for!

As we’ve been espousing on for some time now, search-optimized press releases sent via a wire service directly impact a supplier’s Web site traffic, search engine rankings, online visibility (brand recognition) and in turn increase the number of sales leads – all of which were reported in our survey results to be the most important metrics suppliers use to measure the effectiveness of their marketing and PR.

In fact, there is little doubt that regular distribution of search-optimized press releases is one of the most important marketing tactics – and most cost-effective – a supplier can invest in.

As our upcoming report states: “It is also a surprising finding because our research showed that 82% of respondents said the marketing department manages their company’s PR. Marketing should know better. Right?”

Right. They should.

If all goes as planned the report will be out next week, and not a minute too soon.

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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