The King and Queen of Marketing

We completed our latest Webinar this morning and it was all about the importance of quality online marketing and quality thought-leadership content in lead generation. This is part of an ongoing monthly marketing and PR Webinar series exclusively for members. (Next month's topic is website SEO.)

Quality content is the King and Queen of marketing. Damn straight.

Whether you've thought about this or not, B2B marketers (which includes most HR suppliers) are "publishers" within your specific part of the HR marketplace. Many of you already have this mindset, via your company or personal blogs, and other means of “conversation” within your marketplace. Just check out the latest case study at MarketingSherpa.

When we talk about "content" we’re referring to website copy, news releases, white papers, articles, blogs, media placements, direct marketing and even some advertising – in short, all that you produce and distribute publicly for your buyers and influencers.

Developing superior content is among the most important organizational capabilities your company needs to master (whether in-house, in-sourced or out-sourced).

And you should make content development and distribution an organizational habit and it should occur with regularity on at least a monthly basis.

If you want to generate more leads and increase your brand awareness and thought leadership, then quality content development and promotion are what you need to be doing.

Based on our latest Trends in HR Marketing vendor report due out next month and the HRmarketer member feedback from the Webinar today, more and more suppliers are developing content campaigns (white papers, research reports, articles, case studies) and promoting via online marketing – direct marketing email, search-optimized news releases and Webinars – but aren’t as comfortable blogging or producing related podcasts.

But based on our research, that’s going to continue to change. Give us a shout and we’ll tell you where it’s all going.

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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