Video Ado About Nothing

One of our HRmarketer members forwarded me a blog post the other day about video resumes from famed CareerXroads author Gerry Crispin.

One of the first things Gerry writes is “video resumes are so dumb they don’t know when they are dead.”

Yikes. That may be a bit too strong, but then he goes on to write that he "asked hundreds of recruiters and recruiting leaders during the last three months alone if they ever have or ever will sit down and search and play video resumes. Not one. Not one. Let me repeat...not one."

Yikes. Not one. I know there are many video resume vendors out there who would argue that point. In fact earlier this year, Time online posted an article titled It's a Wrap. You're Hired!. The assertion was made that video resumes “may just revolutionize the job-search process as we know it.”

You know, everybody wants their 15 seconds of fame (it’s a sound-byte world; no more 15 minutes). Even I thought it would be cute to do a little viral marketing comedy bit (that no one ever saw). But out of all the years I’ve been in recruitment and staffing, I just don’t see the “silo” value of the video resume beyond entertainment purposes.

Okay, again without getting into the legalities of using them or not, there may be some screening value for employers and recruiters – you can see how well a candidate presents themselves, how articulate they are (how amusing they are). They can be tagged with keywords and searched and sorted in a database.

But unless video resumes are combined with other screening tools like standard text resumes, assessments, online profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), referrals, phone screenings and/or streaming/recording video interviews, Google and Yahoo searches, etc. – I’m skeptical, and I have to agree with Gerry Crispin when he highlights the true value of video in recruiting:
I also read a great recruitment marketing article yesterday on MarketingSherpa (public access expires August 30) touting the value of using video for employer branding purposes and to help recruit top talent. You should check it out.

So there’s definitely marketing value for video in recruitment and staffing, but where’s the Warner Brothers’ frog when you need him? That’s right, nobody sees him dance except the lonely guy with webcam and his poorly written gangsta rap song hip-hoppin’ the praises of his past job experience.

Or, you've got a hip hop video about how to dress up your text resume. (Please note that there is some cursing, but quite entertaining.)

Posted by Kevin Grossman

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