Recruiting on Facebook

Two recent developments offer perspectives on how the ongoing explosion of Facebook is playing out within the HR and recruiting space.

First is the launch of the Jobster Talent Network for employers to build a presence on Facebook and connect to what Jobster terms “valuable audiences.” 42 thousand Facebook users have joined any number of 250+ employer Talent Networks since July 25, which bodes well for this effort by Jobster.

The second development is the permanent expulsion of Harry Joiner, a well-respected executive recruiter and self-confessed Facebook neophyte, for violating what is perhaps an unwritten rule against inviting too many of ones contacts to be your friends on Facebook all at one time.

So why is all of this interesting?

Jobster does a good job of explaining why Facebook matters to those in talent acquisition roles:
Seemingly everyone is jumping into Facebook. Jobster claims to offer corporations the only path to build a meaningful presence on Facebook for the purpose of engaging talent.

If you’re considering joining Facebook as a professional or independent recruiter, be forewarned and refer to the cautionary tale of Harry Joiner; when Facebook offers to inhale your contacts from Gmail, Outlook or elsewhere, tread very carefully!

Facebook is getting tons of attention for opening up to third party companies to create widgets, offer services, and make money through Facebook.

Recruiting has come to Facebook, but only for those who follow the written and unwritten rules.

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

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