Oracle: Getting Closer to Fusion Middleware

There was a very well written article in New Zealand's National Business Review titled
Takeover binge pays off for Oracle describing Oracle's successful transition from a database software only company to a database software / business software company. The article also discusses Oracle's "broadened" definition of middleware as "the job of joining up the dots between the applications and the database platform." Oracle goes on to define middleware as "a piece of software that is not clearly a business applications or a part of the database."

Middleware is now a $1 billion a year business for Oracle, which lags only IBM in that market segment. And Oracle's next step is called fusion middleware, where all of Oracle's applications (acquired via acquisitions - e.g., Peoplesoft, J.G. Edwards, Hyperion, Seibel, etc.) will be upgraded to the point where they can all run on the same platform.

At the time (2004/2005), most everyone in the human capital space was critical of Oracle's acquisition of Peoplesoft and few so-called industry experts were expecting Oracle to succeed in their software strategy. But Oracle appears to be doing just that - succeeding.

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