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One of the (fun) challenges to keyword research is identifying terms related to what you are offering, keywords that will bring in all the various people who could be interested in your website, product, ideas. As the main keyword researcher here at HRmarketer, I am always on the lookout for useful resources in the keyword research area.

I ran across a really neat new search engine the other day, courtesy of John Alexander over at Search Engine Workshops called Quintura. It utilizes latent semantic indexing (LSI) - which is basically a process of "analyzing relationships between a set of documents and the terms they contain by producing a set of concepts related to the documents and terms (thanks Wikipedia) - to provide search results and keywords that have a close contextual relationship to the original term.

I have only played around with it a little bit, but have found it quite interesting and can see a lot of potential for keyword research, as John pointed out in his write up on the service. One of the neat features is the tag "cloud" that displays the search term on the left side of the screen, and keywords and phrases related to it. Font size is used to indicate the relational significance. And when you mouse over a term, a new cloud will appear with additional keywords and phrases related to it. Search results are displayed in a frame on the right side of the screen, and will re-populate with new results without having to click - just hold your mouse over the word and after a few seconds the new results will be served.

If you are doing any keyword research (and if you are not you need to start), give Quintura a try.

Posted by Andy Benkert

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