What Products and Services are in Highest Demand by HR departments?

I was recently interviewed for a story titled HR looking for ways to deal with looming worker shortage in B2B Magazine.

One of the questions asked what products and services are in highest demand by HR departments? With the help of our VP of business development Jonathan Goodman and our VP of sales Laura DiFlorio (who talk with dozens of HR suppliers weekly and are very in touch with what's hot in the HR industry) we answered:

The HR marketplace is growing rapidly and the business world is experiencing a looming workforce shortage. Organizations now realize that high-quality employees give them a competitive edge in the marketplace, so HR software and services that relate to recruiting, developing and retaining talent are very hot. Specific products and services related to talent shortages including sourcing technologies that help identify passive candidates for recruiters, as well as recruitment process outsourcing . Also, since many companies have huge stores of candidate data that they don't know how to leverage, applicant tracking systems that provide candidate matching and search functionality are in high demand. For the existing workforce, marketers are capitalizing on the need for employee performance management services such as executive coaching and organizational development consulting to retain their top-performing employees.
I'd be curious to know what other HR suppliers think, and if you agree with our answers to the other questions asked which were:

- What are the specific opportunities and challenges of reaching and engaging these audiences?
- In your experience, what tactics work best in marketing to HR?

To read our answers to these questions and see the entire interview click here.

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