There Should Be a Law

I’ve spoken recently with a handful of executives and marketing professionals, some at well-established companies in the HR marketplace, who still insist on the separation of church (PR) and state (marketing). And while that’s important and works for the United States government, the the governing bodies at organizations in charge of media visibility, website traffic, lead generation and improving SEO cannot afford to do this.

But they can (for now) and they do.

With the exception of crisis communications, marketing and PR should not be dichotomous functions; they should work together and focus on the same measures of success – online visibility and lead generation to reach buyers direct. (There should be a law.)

Online thought leadership strategist David Meerman Scott states in his new book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR (which by the way is the most popular marketing and PR book on Amazon), that "many marketers and PR people also focus on the wrong measures of success. With Web sites, people will often tell you 'We want to have 10,000 unique visitors per month to our site.' And PR measurement is often similarly irrelevant: 'We want ten mentions in the trade press and three national magazine hits each month.' Unless your site makes money through advertising so that raw traffic adds revenue, traffic is the wrong measure. And simple press clips just don't matter."

Our most recent research on HR buyer behavior indicates that ""41.2% of HR professionals either use an Internet search engine or visit an HR website / online directory — second only to asking a peer. The importance of an online presence is growing every day."

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