The Talk of the Town, Virtually’s “The New Rules” of Marketing and PR Webinar with David Meerman Scott was a big hit yesterday!

Unfortunately somebody forgot to push record when the Webinar started (that would be me), so it won't be available to view online at

However, we've invited David back for a second one-hour engagement on Tuesday, July 17, at 10:00 a.m. PST.

Sign up today if you missed the first one!

What a great Webinar! David talked about “buyer personas” and how important it is to know each and every target prospect who buys your products and services. Too many companies’ marketing-speak means nothing to the outside world (your buyers) and is only decipherable by the product managers and marketing folks who wrote it in the first place.

We aren’t the ones buying our stuff – our customers are. So make sure you know them and think like them and communicate to them via online marketing and media visibility activities, including social media press releases, blogs, direct email campaigns tied to content offers and other form of viral marketing.

For more information on buyer personas, read David’s book The New Rules of Marketing & PR (which is the number one marketing and PR book on Amazon by the way). There’s also another great blog to check out called

And finally, for those of you HR suppliers that haven’t read our latest research report about HR buyer behavior, you need to get on the schtick and download it, read it, read it again, memorize it, and then revise your messaging and marketing plans.

Or we can do it for you (wink).

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