Getting Inside the Mind of HR? Do You Really Want to?

You may not want to but if you want to sell stuff to the HR department, you must.

And the way to get inside their minds is changing according to new research which examines the purchasing behavior of human resource executives. surveyed thousands of human resource and benefits executives during the first two quarters of 2007. The results uncover the growing importance of online visibility for HR suppliers.

The free white paper looks at:
  1. The latest trends and best practices for marketing to HR
  2. Which search engines and keywords HR executives most often use when searching for products and services
  3. The progress of the HR buyer through the purchasing cycle and the tools they use to progress through each stage.
Sample findings include:
  1. Buyers of human resource products and services are increasingly relying on the Internet when making purchasing decisions; as a result, search engine rankings are now a key factor when determining whether or not an HR vendor is included in an RFP.
  2. HR buyers are placing less value on traditional print media as a key source of information, compared to online sources.
  3. HR buyers are participating in the growing popularity of blogs, podcasts and webcasts as sources of information.
  4. IT and Finance continue to influence the purchasing of HR products and services.
  5. The majority of HR products and services were likely to be put out to bid every 2-5 years.
Download the free white paper today.

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