New eBook from Discusses What Marketers Need to Know in the Human Resource Industry

We've released a new eBook titled, Marketing and PR in the Human Resource Marketplace: What You Need to Know.

The eBook, available as a free download, guides readers through today’s HR marketplace, helping them understand the changes that are taking place and how to use the most effective marketing and public relations tactics available today – including social media tactics and other Web 2.0 tools.

The eBook also provides insights on how to measure the success of marketing and PR campaigns, as well as mini-case studies showing how some HR vendors are combining traditional and online marketing and PR tactics to get a high return on their marketing investment.

Mark Willaman, founder of HRmarketer, describes the eBook as a "culmination of our own research during the last seven years and the experience we’ve gained from working with hundreds of marketing and PR teams across a diverse group of HR suppliers.”

The eBook is ideal (and we believe, a must-read) for anyone new to HR marketing, but the eBook also provides a good overview for industry marketing and PR veterans who may need a refresher course on the fundamentals.

The eBook chapters include:

- HR Buyers—Who they are and where they are
- Marketplace Trends—HR Pros Growing in Influence and Responsibility
- Marketplace Trends—New Strategies Needed for Effective HR Marketing
- Multifaceted Approach Is Necessary
- The Fundamentals of Successful HR Marketing
- Marketing PR—The New World of Marketing

If you have anyone on your staff who is new to the HR space, give them this eBook as a part of their training.

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