Another Wake-Up Call to Marketing Executives

Another interesting report is due out next week about how chief marketing officers (CMOs) are failing at a high rate because they "lack the skill sets, credibility and authority to fulfill their often ill-defined jobs". The report is based on a CMO Council survey to be released next week that examines the health of contemporary U.S. CMOs, diagnoses the cause of corporate discontent and recommends remedies.

So how do CMOs increase their chances of success and gain more credibility? "Not by touting taglines but by crunching numbers.......and proving to their boards that their marketing is working," says Tim Furey, CEO of MarketBridge, Bethesda, Md.

We blogged about this topic in February in a posting titled Marketing (not advertising alone) is Everything. It's a continued wake-up call to marketing executives (and PR) to show quantifiable results.

We look forward to reading the report.

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