Good Book on Performance Appraisals

I do not normally do book reviews but when an author is kind enough to send me a complimentary copy and I like the book, I'm happy to share an opinion. This was the case with Sharon Armstrong who sent me a copy of her book, Stress-Free Performance Appraisals: Turn Your Most Painful Management Duty into a Powerful Motivational Tool.

This was an excellent read. Well written and informative - something not easy to do when writing about performance appraisals. The several hundred page book is a quick read and includes a lot of useful examples of performance appraisals and forms that can be put to immediate use. It also gets you thinking about the real purpose of performance appraisals and how to get the most out of the people you are managing.

Whether your company uses performance appraisals or not, this book will help any manager manage better. It's also a great read for employees to better prepare themselves for performance appraisals and help them better understand the performance appraisal process.

Posted by Mark Willaman

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