Going to China - via an HR Event in San Francisco

I came across an interesting new HR event that I wanted to share with our blog readers. It is an event I plan on attending. I believe the event is the first-ever conference in the United States on HR practices in China. If I am mistaken, someone please let me know.

The title of the event is “Making China Your ‘Gold Mountain” and takes place in San Francisco from May 23-25. According to the event organizer XMei International, "the conference will explore the unique human resource challenges and topics that can significantly affect business success in China – including talent, strategy, compensation, recruitment, leadership, HR management software, cross-cultural challenges, unions, employment law, business setup, and HR outsourcing." It looks like XMei International has assembled some of China’s finest HR executives and business leaders.

I am attending this event for selfish reasons. Mainly, I want to increase my knowledge of the human capital marketplace in China - a country with growing political and economic significance. I also want to begin to establish a Chinese business network. As a marketing and PR firm that works with many HR suppliers, I think this added knowledge could benefit our company/clients and myself.

Anyway, if your company does business or is considering doing business in China, you may want to check it out.

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