The Magic of Super Duper Online Cha-Ching

It’s nothing new; advertisers and marketers are always looking for a new angle to grow their clients’ brand equity and market shares (and their own). But Madison Avenue still kicks and screams when it comes to shifting from traditional marketing to online marketing.

Not for much longer if they know what’s good for the goose is good for the glamour…I mean gander (and does anybody really know what that means anyway?).

The fact is that being found online – and being found online often in the context of relevant organic Web searches, PPC advertising and online advertising – is where you want to be.

Consider that:
In this last example, Web traffic to IFilm (one of the sites that has such a poll and sells pre-roll ads) increased 157% during the week after the Super Bowl.

The closest thing the HR marketplace has in comparison is the “big show” – the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo.

Can you imagine hosting a poll on your site asking HR buyers what the coolest marketing giveaway was at the big show and big shows past (with stills and video clips), and then selling ad space to HR vendors as the traffic rushes in?

Hmmm...we can.

Posted by Kevin Grossman