New Research: Where HR Suppliers Spend their Marketing and PR Dollars

In our latest "Trends in HR Marketing" research report, now available for download, we take a look back at 2006, specifically focusing on how HR and Benefit suppliers spent their marketing and PR dollars; some of the results may surprise you, particularly our findings that indicate print advertising, online display advertising, and exhibiting at trade shows fell out of favor with many suppliers. Looking further ahead in 2007, the research data also offers a picture of where those marketing dollars are shifting- in a word: online.

Here's an excerpt from the report, titled Trends in HR Marketing: Where HR Suppliers Spent their Marketing and PR Dollars in 2006 and What's Ahead in 2007:

In general, respondents see increasing the number of white papers and press releases (both traditional press releases and search optimized press release) they produce and spending on SEO as important to improving the effectiveness of marketing and PR. Also, many see increasing their marketing staff, increasing print and online paid advertising and/or podcasting as not important or only marginally important to improving the effectiveness of their marketing and PR...

Greater frequency of press releases is seen as a key path toward greater effectiveness in 2007... Sixty-two percent also see the potential in increasing the number of search optimized marketing press for improving the overall effectiveness of their marketing and PR.
The full report is avaibable for free download and requires a brief registration. HRmarketer members may download directly from your account.