Top 25 Marketing Blogs

One of the things I really love about the internet and the Web is that there is a wealth of information available on a wide range of topics (an overwhelming wealth). I personally read at least 30 blogs on a fairly regular basis. They cover marketing, technology, search engine optimization, politics, society and culture, and a few other areas not easily labeled (read - they cover a bunch of stuff). While poking around the other day on Barbara Coll's website - who, by the way, was a panelist at WebGuild's recent Advanced Search Marketing conference and offered great advice on SEO and PPC (pay per click, or paid search marketing), a podcast should be up on the WebGuild site soon - I ran across a link to another site, Firewhite, which has a list of the top 25 marketing blogs. Now, these are not just the writers' favorites, but the top 25 by traffic, according to Alexa rankings. Check them out if you get a chance, I'm certain you'll find a few useful things to help in your daily marketing activities. And let us know your favorite online information resources, I'm certain there are many I'm not aware of that I would like to be.