Needs Your Input for it's Latest Marketing Trends Report

HRmarketer is asking HR and employee benefit marketing and PR professionals to join the respondents of this final “Marketing Trends Survey” quarterly study in 2006. The final report will focus on the online marketing trends in the HR marketplace – from blogging and Podcasting to pay-per-click advertising.

The previous three reports of 2006 covered topics ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to increasing Internet use in marketing and PR. To participate in the final report (and reserve your FREE copy) please take the survey.

The feedback from the HR vendor community on our previous Marketing Trends Survey reports (available for free at the link above) has been really positive. For many marketing professionals seeking to re-energize and re-focus their corporate marketing efforts, these reports provide welcome and credible validation in support their marketing plans, and have actually helped define and prioritize marketing budgets and expenditures. These reports helped solidify the marketing approach for many vendors.

The first report of the year touched on basic trends that have now become standard. It was discovered that the most important objective for most HR/Benefits marketers’ are lead and demand generation. It was also found that online marketing activities are becoming more common and even replacing traditional marketing activities like participating in trade shows.

The second report focused on Marketing 2.0 and PR 2.0 tactics; it was apparent that the two are becoming increasingly relevant to B2B marketers. Another growing trend is PR’s transition from an independent entity to an integrated component of marketing. It is evident that online lead generation is underway with most HR suppliers.

In the most recent report, HRmarketer explored trends displayed by HR buyers. Primary among these is the increasing reliance on informal networks—most buyers go to trusted sources, such as professional peers, for purchasing decisions. This complete report also delves into the growing importance that buyers place on a vendor’s online visibility. Print material is no longer paramount, unless it is a product review or a white paper.