The Why and How HR Professionals Buy

Whom do HR buyers rely on to make purchasing decisions? What information sources do they use and trust? How important is a vendor's online visibility? These questions and more are answered in the “Trends in HR Marketing: HR Buyers’ Behavior”. The free report is available at HRmarketer.

We are particularly proud of this report because as far as we know, this is the most comprehensive report of its kind that has ever been undertaken in the human resource marketplace (please correct me if I am mistaken). Our motivation to undertake this report was a belief that few human resource or employee benefit suppliers take enough time to understand the purchasing behavior of their buyers – something very important because understanding this behavior can help you make more intelligent decisions on how you should be allocating your marketing dollars.

In our HR Buyers’ Behavior report, key topics include the relative value of printed materials, online visibility, the word-of-mouth of trusted sources and informal networks, and professional peers’ opinions. This analysis, combined with an understanding of the shifting purchasing behaviors throughout the North American marketplace, provides readers with a better understanding of their target market and the best tools with which to reach them.

We hope you enjoy the free report and please send us your comments (good or bad) so we may improve the report when we do it again in 2007.